The Ciabatta

Lupo Bakery are the country’s leading bread specialists and pionieers of South Africa’s traditional Italian Ciabatta.  The recipe was imported some 20years back and still is produced in the traditional Italian way.

The ‘Ciabatta mix’ is used in a completely natural fermentation process. it contains high gluten which is rich in vegetable protein. This allows the baker to use the flour with long yeasts, by eliminating the chemical additives the natural fibre is retained. This natural rising process allows for the holes to be naturally formed when baking the bread. This traditional method of fermenting overnight dough then remixing gives the bread the rustic outer hard crust and internal characteristics that one finds in today’s Lupo Ciabatta.

Ciabatta bread by Lupo has a high ash content which places our flour amongst the types of flour that are not completely refined and not completely whole wheat. Ciabatta bread by Lupo contains a high percentage of protein which makes it a very rich nutrient and superior to that of normal bread. Therefore and ideal modern health option.

Today’s recipe comprises of just four simple ingredients – Flour, Yeast, Salt and Water.

There are two main Ciabatta types – white and olive.

In olive Ciabatta the black olives tend to fill the holes more offering an illusion of a fuller bread, nonetheless it is equally as popular if not more in demand than white Ciabatta in some stores. The Ciabatta can be identified as a lighter bread that is used in con junction with health diets. Over the past few years, Lupo Bakery has branched off offering health breads, such as: Bran, health, certain rye percentages and brown bread products. Suppliers used by Lupo Bakery are all registered and reputable companies that are audited hygienically and financially. Strict receiving and storing procedures have been implemented in order to maintain our above 93% hygiene standard.